: a process where you learn a lot about yourself, so you can move forward powerfully into action towards what you want.

: a relationship that creates a safe space to explore where you want to be in your personal or business life and supports you in finding the inner resources to get there.

Work With Me

TRUST and CREDIBILITY are the two words most often mentioned by my clients when they are asked what is unique about working with me. They also describe me as someone who naturally connects to people in a very humane way.

Since connectedness is such an essential attribute, it is important to determine if we are the “right fit for each other” before we start working together.

So how does it work? Before starting a coaching journey, a short “chemistry session” will help us to decide if we have a mutual fit. It will provide clarity on each others’ expectations, and will give us a better feel for what it would be like to work together.

For more information on how to begin your coaching journey, please do not hesitate to Contact Me.

I offer several types of coaching, each with a unique design and purpose:

Personal Coaching

Our sessions will be completely tuned to your needs. Together we will explore and identify what your coaching goals are and what you can do to achieve the change you desire. You will become more self-aware and be able to recognise and put aside self-limiting beliefs in order to refocus your energy on transitioning your life from “surviving” to “thriving”, leading to a more balanced and fulfilled life.

Our sessions will help you to identify what is important about who you are and how it connects to what you truly want in your life. The best choices to support you in more conscious decision making will become clear.

Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Coaching sessions will help you to become a more effective leader. I will be your thinking partner and an objective outsider. By asking powerful questions and leading meaningful conversations, I will help you to look at the different sides of yourself as a leader. Awareness of your behaviors and patterns, as well as those of your team, will become clearer. This, together with improved work-life balance, will enable you, as a leader, to bring more value to your team.

1 Day Intensive

I have created the “TRUE U” 1-Day Intensive coaching program for the clients that would like to give a gift to themselves, by spending the whole day diving deep into their authenticity. The “TRUE U” programme could be described as an inner journey, during which we will explore your personal values, what brings you true fulfillment, as well as work together to craft your individual Life Purpose statement. I will utilize professional coaching techniques, which will help you to identify what steps need to be taken in order to fill the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

This exclusive program will take place in a serene location that is close to the sea and to the forest, allowing you to experience the relaxing feeling of being in nature with your most inner thoughts.

We will discuss all details and expectations of this programme during our “Preparational Call”.

Team Coaching

Together, we will explore and identify the team needs that should be addressed in order to develop into a high-performing team. Through our sessions, team members will become more aware of themselves and their colleagues and have a better sense of shared responsibility. I will introduce Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching methods (ORSC) that have an immediate and lasting transformative impact on the way the team performs and how team members relate to each other. We will identify toxic behaviors and interpersonal conflicts to radically improve team performance. By clarifying the team’s values and purpose, we will drive motivation to maximize impact and results.

My Clients' Results

I’ve worked with many professionals, but Alma stands out. She was upfront with expectations at the onset, which for me was important in a coach. Alma is professional, quick to establish trust, and has a magical way of putting one at ease. She’s delivered above and beyond expectations.
Andrius Neviera
I highly recommend Alma as a coach! We have worked for around half a year and the sessions were super valuable for me as a leader! It was like going on an excursion with an experienced guide. Alma was super effective even in our short sessions so we would reach the set goal.
Henrikas Urbonas
Alma is great at helping people understand themselves and unlocking unrealized potential. It is really easy to talk to her, these coaching sessions inspired me to be a better leader and a better person.
Povilas Redko
Empathy. Deep listening. Unlocking my hidden and competing beliefs. These three things describe my experience of having Alma as my coach. For more than six months she was putting a light over my purpose, values and inner self. Today I am more clear about my purpose than ever. Thank you, Alma, for being my Coach
Laura Gerrits Gedvile