“I highly recommend Alma as a coach! We have worked for around half a year and the sessions were super valuable for me as a leader! It was like going on an excursion with an experienced guide. Alma was super effective even in our short sessions so we would reach the set goal.”

Henrikas Urbonas

Co-Founder & CEO


Andrius Neviera

Commercial Attaché

Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in New York

“I’ve worked with many professionals, but Alma stands out. She was upfront with expectations at the onset, which for me was important in a coach. Alma is professional, quick to establish trust, and has a magical way of putting one at ease. She’s delivered above and beyond expectations and I hope that this recommendation offers encouragement to others in deciding whether to work with her.”

“Alma is great at helping people understand themselves and unlocking unrealized potential. It is really easy to talk to her, these coaching sessions inspired me to be a better leader and a better person.“

Povilas Redko

Founder & CEO


Kathy Everlet

Former Senior Training Officer

United Nations

“Alma is a natural coach with fine-tuned intuition. She is someone who I respect; sincere in her encouragement–a genuine human being who cares–and firm when necessary in order to move me forward and guide me on the right path to achieve a result. Structured yet flexible, dedicated and conscientious, I am assured to leave the coaching session with a positive result, whether it be a mind full of new perspectives, ideas, options and/or plan of action, or simply peace of mind and heart.”

“Empathy. Deep listening. Unlocking my hidden and competing beliefs. These three things describe my experience of having Alma as my coach. For more than six months she was putting a light over my purpose, values and inner self. Today I am more clear about my purpose than ever. Thank you, Alma, for being my Coach“

Laura Gerrits Gedvile

Founder & CEO

The Holistic Enterprise

Deborah Ong

Director of Sales


“I worked with Alma to map out and refine my career trajectory. For anyone going through a career transition, I’d highly recommend her! She is an expert communicator, and is great at creating a “safe space” that’s conducive for coaching.”

“Working in project delivery, team leadership, company development with ongoing risk management internally and externally brings a lot of knowledge and experience. However – feeling, understanding, and using your empathy all of the time can be draining to you as an individual. Alma is my rock, my biggest cheerleader and motivator. 

I am a better person and leader because of her. Her professionalism and work ethics, together with her warm, honest personality, makes Alma an unbeatable coach. Coaching sessions with her led me to daily behavioral improvement.”

Berta Timinskaitė

Managing Partner


Audrone Sviklaite

Head of Health Emergency Situations Centre

Ministry of Health

“Passionate about her mission to help people in personal and professional development. Sincere and confident guide in assisting to identify desired changes in personal and professional growth. Giving professional feedback fostering motivation to grow in new skills and to open new horizons. Concrete and practical in providing insights. Caring and supportive. Thank you, Alma, for having a great and valuable experience with you!”

“Very quickly Alma had a great sense of who I am and what works for me. She created a valuable space for me to explore what was going on and supported and challenged me with on-point questions and requests. She was a great accountability partner in a big life-changing moment for me and helped me get clarity and confidence to choose from my inner knowing. I am no longer a passenger in the drive of my life, I am at the steering wheel”

Noor van Gestel


Monika Petraite

Principle Investigator

Kaunas University of Technology, School of Economics and Business

“Alma is an absolutely great inner leadership coach. I believe that professionalism and an open heart are a key to everything. Now, as I look at my growth journey back from 6 months perspective, I can only say that I have been very successful at reaching the milestones I have set with Alma’s support. She used quite a few powerful techniques, that have led me to rapid transformation, and confidence in setting new horizons. Thank you for your great energy and for believing in the unlimited resourcefulness of your clients!”

“Alma is a supportive and intuitive coach who helped me learn new things about myself and my own limiting beliefs. Through the sessions, she helped me gain more awareness and clarity as well as challenged me when I needed to be pushed. She also helped me to see and celebrate my own successes! I would strongly recommend Alma as a coach for anyone who is looking for someone to support them through any personal and professional growth.”

Mabel Wei

HR Professional

Kellogg Company

Gintautas Maksvytis



“Great job. Unbelievable and MEASURABLE results. From day one!”